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Family Dentistry

Family dentistry , Family Dentist .

Your intial consultation with name is a great opportunity for you to learn more about our family dental practice and get comfortable with your surroundings. You will become familiar with our talented and friendly  family dentistry staff in addition to your one on one discussion with name your family dentist. 

What is Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is similar to the practice of general dentistry with some minor exceptions. Both practices deal with tooth health and oral hygiene and are often used interchangeably.  Family dentists are known to accept patients of all ages making any office providing such services an ideal choice for patients with children.  Family dentists will provide care for you children’s baby teeth as well as your adult teeth.

Patients are welcome to meet the dentist and visit the office before making their first appointment as it is important that you and your children are comfortable with the dentist and the dental environment.  Visiting the dentist as a child may be daunting at first but here at name we wish to ensure that every visit is a comfortable and successful one.  

By treating patients of all ages, your ‘ family dentist allows patients to book family appointments. This way your family can be treated in the same day, meaning fewer appointments necessary and making it easier to fit oral hygiene into your busy schedule. Dental hygiene is important, and by booking family appointments you not only save time, and transportation, it also makes trips to the dentist easier which ultimately ensures that your family will maintain great oral health. Your dental health is our top priority. Regular appointments can ensure preventative care rather than treating dental issues that have already evolved.