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Dental Braces

Dental braces by name

Orthodontic braces are a device used to align teeth in their ideal position as well as correcting the bite for maximum esthetic appeal and function. Straighten your teeth with name at clinic and enjoy a more confident smile today.

Dental braces can be used to correct malocclusions such as overbites, open bites, cross bites, under bites, crooked teeth, rotated teeth etc. Dental braces are also often paired with other orthodontic devices such as expanders in cases where the patient’s palate is too narrow.

Did you know that almost 30% of all orthodontic patients are adults? Many adults who haven’t had the chance to receive treatment in the past are now taking the initiative to acquire the smile they’ve always wanted. While adult bites can certainly be treated and corrected, it does pay to begin dental braces at a younger age. Both American and Canadian Dental Associations recommend that patients in need of orthodontic treatment undergo evaluation by the time they reach seven years old. As we age so do our teeth, and so they can become more difficult to move as we grow older.